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Why us?

We are nice! And reasonable!

One thing we’ve seen in the industry, is the trap clients seem to get into with their service provider. Once the job is done, the client is surprised to have to pay large minimum fees for anything done in the future, as well as not be allowed to get other developers to work on their website, or incur a termination fee. They are essentially locked out of their own asset. It’s an industry rife with developers using lingo to making clients feel stuck. It’s a circus out there!

We don’t lock you down. We are happy to collaborate and be open to other agencies working with us. We will accept when you want us to hand over the project to another, and we won’t charge the earth for a quick fix. To us, it’s just common sense.

We won’t push you to a solution beyond your budget. We will work with you on where you are at.

We have an understanding of the Start-ups, design thinking, SaaS and Lean Startup methodology. So if you are a start-up... you’ve come to the right place.

Your skills are marvellous. I have had lots of positive feedback about the website so again, my appreciation for all the magnificent work that you put into it. It is so much better than we have ever had before. The feedback from the committee was fantastic. Everybody has huge regard for how you have put the site together.
— Michael Marris (Kawau Island project)